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The Darkroom series provides a safe and engaging context for teens to explore 14 key issues of faith with caring adult leaders in church or small group settings. 

Get access to direct downloads of videos, study materials, discussion guides, and more when you sign up. All of the tools you will need to lead and engage students in discussions on key faith questions are available to you now, free of charge.

Each Darkroom episode is a standalone topic interwoven with student stories and can be used in any combination. 

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What is the Darkroom program?

Darkroom encourages students to ask questions and think critically about their beliefs. There are three main components to the Darkroom Program: 1) Watch 2) Discuss and 3) Dig Deeper.

WATCH – Inspired by true stories of teens today, students relate to the struggles and issues portrayed in each 8-10 minute video. A total of 14 themes are explored from age old topics like Suffering to culturally hot issues like Love & Sex.

DISCUSS – Leaders are provided with discussion guides and tools to help students voice their opinions, doubts, and gain insight & perspective. It’s a chance to break the silence. Ask the unaskable. Doubt the undoubtable.

DIG DEEPER – Additional online study material is available including podcasts, videos, articles, books, and Scripture to help students and adults alike find meaningful answers within the circle of orthodox Christian beliefs.

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Everything you need to use Darkroom with your students is available online and free to download. After you sign up online, you will get immediate access to videos, study materials and discussion tools to use as a catalyst for conversations that open minds, drive your students forward, and light a spark within.

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Help Us Develop the Next Generation of Faith


So that cost is never a barrier, we are committed to providing the Darkroom series for free to students as well as churches, schools, and other Christian organizations. 

We need your support to get this in the hands of as many students as possible, for life-giving and lasting faith.


Top-quality, biblical, and created in a way that speaks to a new generation

“Gen Zers are asking the tough questions about God and life. But we need the right tools to engage them. I’m thankful for the Darkroom series because it’s top-quality, biblical, and created in a way that speaks to a new generation.”

Sean McDowell, Ph.D.

Biola University Professor, Speaker, Author

I earnestly recommend Darkroom as a tool to equip young believers

“Gen Z Christians don’t have to be in the dark about how the Christian worldview is well able to tackle life’s biggest questions. I earnestly recommend Darkroom as a tool to equip young believers to know and defend their Christian faith.”

Adam Coleman, MSW

Founder/President of Tru-ID Apologetics Ministries

Encourages curiosity and deeper discussion on the tough questions of faith

“As a Christian educator, I greatly value how the Darkroom Faith series encourages curiosity and deeper discussion the tough questions of faith. There’s a commitment to framing the issues from the perspective of the student, while engaging those issues with Christian scholarship and resources.”

Mary Jo Sharp

Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Houston Baptist University

I am so grateful for the Darkroom series

"I am so grateful for the Darkroom series! Darkroom will have such a positive impact on a generation that is looking for real meaning and purpose, as well as ministers and adults who are seeking ways to help teens navigate through their world biblically."

Shane Pruitt

National Next Gen Director – North American Mission Board (NAMB), speaker, podcaster, and author

The Darkroom series does not shy away from tough topics.

“When I show this to my students, I feel confident that the production quality is so remarkable that it will grab and hold their attention, giving chance for the Truth to enter their hearts and minds. The Darkroom series does not shy away from tough topics, leaving nothing off the table for discussion.”

Jonny Radcliff

National Coordinator of Resource Development, National Network of Youth Ministries

The production value is ON

"The production value is ON. The understanding of how Gen Z communicates and understands these issues is ON. I am very impressed".

Scotty Swingler

Student Minister, Sugar Land, Texas

Instantly grabs your attention and pulls you in deep

"Darkroom instantly grabs your attention and pulls you in deep to the real struggles that teenagers are wrestling with every day."

John Kwok


Masterful and heartfelt work

"Such a task combining relevant apologetics with today’s youth – Masterful and heartfelt work by you and your team”

Randall Niles

Christian Media Executive & Producer

If I were still a youth pastor today, I would look forward to using this material

“This is good stuff. The bottom line is, if I were still a youth pastor today, I would look forward to using this material. Thanks for the privilege of being on the inside.”

Jeff Dunn-Rankin

Executive Vice-President, Ministry Architects 

I am excited to see something that validates the questions our students have

“I am excited to see something that normalizes and validates the questions our students have...while at the same time not painting an "us verses them" dichotomy.”

Clint Cvacho

Student Minister, Birmingham, Alabama

I watched the video with my son and he never looked away once

“I watched the video with my son and he never looked away once. He commented how interesting and creative it was.  We will definitely watch the next videos together!”