Max Wants to End It All

For years Max has bottled up his pain, angry at God for allowing him to suffer childhood abuse. But one day a friend gives Max a gift—and it transforms the way he sees his suffering… and the world.


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Suffering and Evil

Reasonable Faith

Reasonable Faith, based on the works of theologian Dr. William Lane Craig, delves deeper into the assertion, "It's logically impossible for God and suffering to both exist."


God and Suffering

Prager U

How can "suffering" exist without an objective standard against which to judge it? Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College, presents the case that if justice exists, God exists.


Hope in Darkness

Mary Jo Sharp

Mary Jo Sharp, assistant professor of apologetics at Houston Baptist University and Director of Content for Darkroom Faith, discusses how the hope found in the resurrection of Christ can be our guiding light in the face of evil.


Suffering with a Christian Worldview

Rebecca McLaughlin

Rebecca McLaughlin examines the story of Mary and Martha as an entry point to the Biblical theology of suffering.

2 mins

Max Wants to End it All

Darkroom Faith Podcast

In Episode 7 of the Darkroom series, we talk about the problem of Suffering. How can a good God allow so much evil and suffering? Does He even care about us?


Enduring Trials

The Gospel Coalition

Jeremy Linneman discusses how his whole mindset changed toward pain and suffering after a particularly difficult and long season of depression and chronic illness.

4 mins

Blessing and Curse

The Bible Project

Trace the theme of blessing and curse in the Bible to see how Jesus defeats the curse and restores the blessing of life to creation.


The Hiddenness of God

Timothy Keller: Gospel in Life Podcast

In the story of Joseph, we learn how to get perspective on the bad things that have happened in our lives. In this first chapter of Joseph’s life, we see three things: 1) The hidden depths of sin; 2) The hidden purposes of God; and 3) The hidden patterns of grace.

46 minutes

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