Story Line

The story is based on Jared’s journey in the first episode of the series “Doubt”. You do not need to watch the video or complete the session to solve the escape room. The escape room follows the general theme of Doubt and includes scripture references, as well as tying in imagery and quotes from the video.


Set Up & Materials

Minimal set up and materials are required. Materials needed include the printed game documents, a table to work the puzzles on, pens, scissors, and clear tape. Set up steps are fast and easy:

1) Download the documents

2) Print the materials

3) Play!

We recommend playing at your church with competing teams of 6-10 students with a separate classroom or room for each team. The student team who solves the final secret message the fastest, wins and escapes the room!


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So fun!!...perfect for our weekly student fellowship night.

"So fun!! Thank you for offering such an easy-to-setup, interactive game that was perfect for our weekly student fellowship night.”

Matt D.

Youth Pastor

Our kids had an absolute blast!

"Our kids had an absolute blast doing this! Not too hard, but definitely not easy. When does the next one come out?!"

Scotty S.

Youth Pastor

Top-notch and so easy to set up

"My students love escape rooms and this was top-notch and so easy to set up. The kids enjoyed the challenge and the competition. I appreciated that the puzzles were able to be worked on simultaneously so all students were engaged the entire time."

Joseph P.

Youth Pastor

How it Works: Easy Print & Play Fun!

The Darkroom Escape Room Kit includes a series of puzzles, clues and secret messages. There are separate instructions and a key for the adult leader if a hint or guidance is needed.

A team works together to solve a series of 10 brain-benders that decode the final message, and escape the room. The puzzles do not have to be solved in a specific order and can be worked on simultaneously so all students will be engaged the entire time.

The escape room is designed for students ages 13-18 with an average play-time of 1 hour. Add in pizza and refreshments and you have the perfect fun event.

*Materials Needed: Printed Game Documents, Pens, Scissors, Tape

Download Now